Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wild Horses, Continued...Alli Farkas Horse Portraits

"Dare"--Watercolor on Aquabord™

"Defiance"--Watercolor on Aquabord™

"Pride"--Watercolor on Aquabord™

"Push"--Watercolor on Aquabord™

"Challenge"--Watercolor on Aquabord™
Five more small Aquabord™ paintings of California mustangs I was lucky to be able to photograph in the wild this past June. Got these done over a four-day draft horse show at Michigan State University. The Michigan Great Lakes International show is a huge event, and as soon as I can get all my photos sorted out I’ll post a few for your enjoyment. In the meantime, wild horses will have to do! At the moment, they’re all available, $35 each plus shipping. Details on my website, http://www.allifarkas.com.

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