Saturday, July 5, 2014

"LIttle Pinto Foal" Horse Oil Painting by Karen Baker Thumm

Oil painting of a pinto foal

"Little Pinto Foal" 5x7 inch oil painting on canvas board, a monochromatic painting in all browns plus white.

I'm in the process of making color charts of all of my oil paints in order to get better acquainted with them so I can make better color choices. Earlier this week, I got the brilliant idea of doing a small painting with the leftover paint on the palette. This little foal painting is the second one I've done.

It didn't turn out as well as the first because I was hurrying too much and didn't pay enough attention to proportions or placing the subject within the picture area. But, at least I made the effort and used up some paint that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Some painting gurus claim you have to make a thousand paintings in order to reach the level of being an accomplished painter, so now I'm one painting closer to that goal.

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