Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Luke, start to finish

Happy to report that I got my rear in gear (actually I was sitting on my rear for several hours to get this painting done, but why be nit-picky?) and got Luke from pencil drawing to full color. This is watercolor on Aquabord™ , 5" x 7". I think I'm getting fairly good at this after two years of practice on the Aquabord™. But as usual, half way into this painting I was sure it wasn't going to work. That's when the artist just sits back and calmly says something along the lines of well, I guess this is just another rabbit I'll have to pull out of a hat. I had been laying down the preliminary colors fairly rapidly. It felt almost as if I had no control over what my hands were doing. When I realized what was happening I commanded myself to slow down, and then things started to take shape nicely. Thank goodness for self-realization, right?

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