Sunday, February 23, 2014

All The King’s Daughters, Ink & Watercolor Progress by Deborah Flood


"All The King's Daughters" © Deborah Flood 2014
20 x 16
Work in Progress:

All the king's daughters progress 4 Medium Web view

I’m not one to create many paintings with a Religious theme. And I’m not one who shouts about religion from the roof tops, and demand that everyone follow my beliefs. I’m more of a laid back Christian, who seeks her own path and beliefs in a quiet introvert way.

I do love hearing about many of the different Histories, about different religion. It’s interesting to me, and the Missions and Churches in El Paso, Texas really spoke to me. Their architecture, their stories, their stained glass windows. Everything about the era when they were built, the hardships of the people and so much more.
As of late, I have created a few paintings with Some El Paso Mission Doors in them. The colors of the woods, and the history behind those doors, all find their way into my paintings of late.

Am I on a new path? A new Journey? A Spiritual awakening? I don’t know. I just know I am following it, with my paint. And as I go, that horse is always present, or close by, in my art. Horses will always be a constant role model, story teller and spiritual message in my works.

The stained glass window in this painting, All The King’s Daughters, is in the SAN LORENZO CHURCH, El Paso, Texas. I was very fortunate to be able to have visited this Church, and many Missions, on the Mission’s Trail in El Paso, Texas, in July of 2013.

I bet you are asking, why so much yellow? Well, I wanted the challenge! The girls dressed in yellow, with a red detailed rug draped over a Palomino, and red and gold parasol. Placing them in front of that yellow stained glass window. I knew it would present a challenge for me. Yellow isn’t always the easiest color to use. Especially when the objects are placed over one another. So, I am working that out, and seeing what I can do with it. It is very interesting, and keeps my mind engaged with the creative process.

~Deborah Flood

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