Sunday, August 25, 2013

Original Acrylic Artwork by Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

Introducing the Golden Horses Series, available exclusively at the Shawnee, Oklahoma Sweet Earth Studio Mingle Gallery. This is just the start, there will be more created. These are all "smalls", from 4"x 5" up to 8"x 10", some on gallery wrap, some traditional, all affordable for the budget conscious collector. Be sure to contact the gallery for more info. 
Pale Gold
Go for the Gold

Golden Juan

Golden Moonlight

Golden Summit

I'm Precious

Seeking the Golden Sun

Two Bits of Gold

Friday, August 9, 2013

"Golden Days of Summer" accepted to An Equine Jubilee, Celebrating the Horse in Art!

by Elizabeth Zimmerman |

It was bout this time last year when I heard about An Equine Jubilee, Celebrating the Horse in Art (Show) and I saw all the horse artists I admired had piece(s) accepted, and I thought to myself - next year I will do it! And I entered three of what I thought were my best paintings: "Begging for More (Rein)," "Girlfriend Time," and "Golden Days of Summer."

About a week later I heard back and "Golden Days of Summer" was accepted into the show!!!

Show digital postcard:

So, the other night after I went to TAP Plastics to get some non-glare plexi, picked up nice double mat boards, I assembled my piece, wrapped it up in (what seemed like 50 yards) of bubble wrap and I sent it in the mail to The Arts Castle in Delaware, Ohio. So if you're in the neighborhood when the show is on (about 2 months duration!), then swing by and look at all the art. There are 41 artists represented with a grand total of 77 pieces.

And I have limited edition giclée fine art prints available of "Golden Days of Summer" on my Etsy Shop. In real life the prints look identical to the original, every detail - even down to the paper textured just like the watercolor paper I use!