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Guest Blogger, Artist, Zian Silverwolf Talks About Being Original.


I don’t usually have a guest blogger on my blog, but over the years Zian and I have become good friends. Zian is oozing of originality in her art work and has a wonderful sense of humor, and has the ability to put into words, what I can only feel and think. For so long, I have resonated with what she talks about, a few paragraphs down, about the social media and all the art looking the same. I’ve often spoken it on my own facebook page, only to be shot down by some other Artist, thinking it’s all okay, and they can’t see that it’s all the same. Have they all become so numb from seeing all the same, that they all expect it and accept it? It’s like they are all being herded like cattle. For me, I want to see something fresh and new….show me something new and original! Smack my senses into next year! 

This Blog entry, below, was written and posted by Zian Silverwolf, on her own Blog: With Zian’s permission, I am posting her Blog entry here. For the more Artists and “want-to-be” Artists that read this, the better.

Zian has many wonderful, thought provoking posts on her blog, and I want to help bring awareness to these facts of being Original in your work and thoughts. I hope that you find her writings thoughtful, and useful in your own creative life. I urge you to follow Zian’s Blog. From her Blog, you will also find links to follow her on Twitter. Go to Zian’s website and check out her Fantasy Art and hook up with her on Google +1, and Facebook. She’s a remarkable Artist and Person.

~Debbie Flood


03 March 2012

By Zian Silverwolf Copyrighted Material. Please acquire permission from Zian Silverwolf before copying or using the written content below. Thank you. 

Art by Whom?

I just had a look at a blog where a number of art works by different artists were being displayed; great work, fantastic finishes, wonderful concepts.... Except that there wasn't a great deal of difference between one style and the next. (bar one artist - and I took a longer look.)
Artists don't seem to be particular in creating their signature beyond their actual signature these days. Having a similar style and finish seems to be coming more and more of the norm in the creation of art. 

When I look at an art work, I anticipate being able to tell which artist it is, just by looking at it - distinctive and telling style is not just a part of being original, it is a part of the artist distinguishing themselves as an artistic identity.
Sure, people argue these days that there is no such thing as original, it's all been done before - I think this argument is a cop out for people who are angry that they don't have a larger imagination. Every individual who is capable of pronouncing themselves as an artist is capable of combining that which has come before with their own perception and interpretation of their individual experience. It is not just content or subject that is the action of art - it is the revelation and the evolution of the artist as well that creates a work of art that is beyond the crowd.

I can look at a Turner and know it's a Turner. I can look at a picture untitled, unsigned and know at a glance it's by HR Giger. I can look at a Dali, and know that no matter how many worshippers try to emulate his style, it will always be his.

Inline image 2

"The Persistence of Memory"  - Salvador Dali (courtesy of Wikipedia)

The question is, why emulate another artist? True, to be spellbound by the works of our art heroes is inspiration and motivation for we artists to strive and continue to burn for our own work - but that's the point isn't it? OUR OWN WORK.

Art has always suffered the mainstream prejudices of the uninitiated art lover - the works being displayed on social media, blogs and websites are, in the majority, the same flavour. And usually show up next to the kitten in the bonnet with the funny joke. Such is the nature of the public gallery, and we live with it. However it seems to me that artists themselves are buying into the circus of the acceptable artist - I know with certainty a number of artists who refuse to publish what they really think because they want to be acceptable - they want people to like them.

Whoever heard of an artist who wanted to be liked?

A likeable artist never broke the social mould, never put themselves forward as the beyond that they sought to create - artists, burdened by their constant and consistent observation of the world in all its schisms and motivations, haunted by their own dreams and drained by the persistence of apathy that surrounds them, rarely view themselves as anything but idiosyncratic quasi-mythical disturbances in reality.  It doesn't mean that they can't get along with other people - they're just not other people. I'm privileged to know some of the people behind the mask of their online persona - why aren't you?

So if they're not other people, why is the art starting to look the same? For that matter why are the artists on social media all starting to sound the same? For all that the public are willing to mouth cliches of 'be different', and 'live outside the box', they continue to respond to that which is easily recognized, for them. But an artist should be easily recognized - by their own work.


Turner -

HR Giger -

Salvador Dali -

by Zian Silverwolf

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Chance to Dream

started this last night.. a 40"x30" oil on canvas... spent probably one of the sunniest days Ireland has had all year in the studio working on it.. so I think the light in the studio has effected the way this is has turned out so far... bit more to do with this.. but pleased thus far with it...
may do some ltd ed prints.. if its dry by next week.. or FB me.. Tony O Connor - Equine Art to check out more :)
ohh yeah, the title prob does need work :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"A Moment"

"A Moment"   28"x28" oil on raw linen
another linen canvas today... went for a bay horse.. this isnt refined to finished piece quality yet.. but am liking the way its turning out.
went to buy more linen today..and the art shop had none left..damn.. so we'll just have to wait a few weeks before my next linen piece.
might do some ltd edition prints of this and the grey, so if you guys are interested in investing in a very own O'Connor, drop me a line

The Aquabord™ is improving!

I'm starting to get more control over how the water and the paint react to the board. Instead of using multiple layers of thin glazes, I'm starting to drop heavy brushloads of paint into either pools of water (such as for sky and clouds) or areas that have been dampened but not dried yet. The paint tends to smooth itself out almost magically. When dry, I can lift off highlights wherever I want. It feels kind of backward from normal watercolor technique, but I'm enjoying the challenge. Apparently someone else enjoyed it too--the painting of the palomino draft is sold!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Grey on Linen

I bought some natural linen canvases recently, and have painted some bay horses on them to quite good effect (well, i think so anyways).. decided to try a grey this morn.. and am just sharing the progress so far.. happy enough with it at the moment... must leave it to dry for a night or two, and can go back into it and add the finishing details... not bad for a mornings work tho.. 28x28", oil on linen
check out my FB page to keep up to date with my ramblings and almost daily paintings :)
Tony O Connor - Equine Art

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My painting is a finalist in the 2012 Sulman Prize. 

I have received some sensational news. I am a finalist in the Sir John Sulman Prize, one of Australia's longest running art prizes, having been established in 1936. It is now held concurrently with the Archibald Prize, Australia's best known art prize.  The winners are going to be announced in a about a week and the painting is going to be hung at the NSW Art Gallery in Sydney until June.  You can see more at the gallery's web site

I let you know how I go but just being hung at the NSW Art Gallery is reward enough.

Cheers  Kristin

or on facebook

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Solo Exhibit in the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas. Debbie Flood

At the cross roads progress Large Web view

At the cross roads, 20 x 28.5 inches Watercolor in Progress.

This watercolor was started today, early in the morning, and I worked all day on it, getting as many hours as I could on it.

Last week I was invited to have a Solo Exhibit at the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas! I’ve been asked to have 20 –40 large paintings, for sometime in 2013. I’m shooting for at least 30 paintings and am going to strive for 40. They have two large gallery rooms they wish to fill with my horse art! I’ve been so excited to have this opportunity. It was so out of the blue for me!

I had recently had three works in the Museum’s Sun Bowl Exhibit 2011, and won the “President’s Award” during that exhibit. The board discussed how they like my horses, and decided to invite me to a solo exhibit!

So, I will be creating a lot of new work. I also hope to go out there, during the exhibit, to see it for myself! It almost doesn’t feel real. The Museum will be calling me this week, to confirm a date for this exhibit.


Between a rock and a hard place Finished by Debbie Flood

Between a rock and a hard place Medium Web view

Between a rock and a hard place 20 x 28 Watercolor.

This watercolor painting is at the Photographer/Printer right now. This painting will soon be available as a Limited Edition Print.

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Clearing skies Watercolor finished by Debbie Flood

Clearing skies Large Web view

Clearing skies 16 x 20 Watercolor.

This watercolor painting is at the Photographer/Printer right now. This painting will soon be available as a Limited Edition Print.

Once home, it will get framed up, and sent out to the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery, Angel Fire, New Mexico


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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Clear Round

Just off the easel ~ This is colored pencil on Stonehenge. I was lucky enough to find this horse show quite by accident one Saturday when I was picking my son up from college. I had my camera with me, and I was able to get many great reference photos that will keep me busy for a long time!

Friday, March 16, 2012

a tinge of ginge for st paddys day :)

one i started during the week... light is brutal in my studio, so the glare is the tanning glow of fluorescent lights... kinda like the way its coming out so far... few more glazes over it will knock back the ginger tinge that she seems to have.. oh, its a 48"x36" canvas too.. so not a small piece either... looking forward to finishing this next week..
Tony O Connor - Equine Art

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welsh Pony Stallion, 12 x 16 charcoal drawing by Carol Engles

12 x 16 charcoal drawing on paper.

California Abstract Artist Carol Engles
Hi   - to all my fellow Australian Artists

check out the news on new announcement from the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

'Its all about artists risk losing work they have consigned to commercial galleries if the galleries go bust'


Cheers and happy painting


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wearable art

I've branched out into a new area- painting freestyle on jean shirts, vests, jackets etc. It's so fun and enjoyable, and they have been well received by the horse lovers I know and have as aquaintences. Here's an example, that's me wearing it. It's hard to see but there are red jewels in the bridle.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Scratchboards!

Meet the mustang filly surveying her territory in "Moonlit", 14x11, scratchboard. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get this photo.

This is Shelby portayed in 7x5 Scratchboard with the title "Mustang". I took Shelby's pic during Calico Days in Calico, CA, as she was the lead to get spectators out of the way for the stage coach as they thundered through town. Shelby had been captured only a year before and she was the sweetest, most agreeable equine. Her stance in this photo shows that humans did not break her will, they were merely added to her life.

Both scratchboards are available for purchase. Please contact me for any inquiries you may have

Sue Kroll

We have a lovely dog at our barn named LeRoy. He is the first to greet you and makes sure you are under his watch while you are there. He is very proud and knows he is a Champion. In Feb of 2012 LeRoy travelled to New York and competed in the AKC Madison Square Garden’s Show. He didn't win the title, but he is planning for it next year! I did a drawing of LeRoy this week and his owner Mary Day loved it. Commissions are welcome.

Gabrielle England Equine Artist -


Early one crisp November evening, just around moonrise, we were driving home. I (passenger!) caught a movement out of the corner of my eye,  and looking around, I saw some horses running along in their field, almost as if they were racing the car.  They were headed back to a barn that I could see a ways away, and obviously, were looking forward to their dinner.  It was a magical moment to see these guys thundering past, and we slowed the car to keep pace with them for the few seconds it took before their trail turned away to the barn. This moment has lived in my memory for several years, and I knew that sooner or later, I would paint it.  So here is my memory painting - "RACE YA HOME" , an 8.5 x 10.5 watercolor on Arches 140 Hot Press.
Heather Anderson

Personal social message in art

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we feel like we've been drifting in the collective stream and suddenly we're sucked into a swirling whirlpool unable to escape the turmoil. A situation like this pulled me into it's depths and this is my rendition of how it felt, like drowning in eddies, swirls and bubbly foam. This 16"x20" acrylic is named "Deep in it".

Tony O Connor - Equine Art: Cinders - Mooving on... :)

Tony O Connor - Equine Art: Cinders - Mooving on... :): and now for something completely different... for those of you unfamilar with my work, I sometimes delve into the realms of the Bovine......

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on the watercolor of the Arizona rocks, Rifleman/cowboy on a Paint Horse, by Debbie Flood

                    People rocks progress 4 Large Web view

I forgot all about this painting! I found it today, under a pile of unframed watercolors. I must have had something else, more pressing, come up, and set this aside.

Well, I’m back at it! Today I worked on the rocks on the left side of the painting. I also blended a bit on the front of the horse.

I really love the rock’s colors, and had a blast getting back into this one!

The rock formation is in Prescott, Arizona. Not too far from the Phippen Museum of Western Art.

I’ll make sure to keep this painting out in the fore front, and keep working on it!


A Dark Horse

hi folks..
1st time blogger, long time painter :)
this is a new piece that i've completed..its a 36"x48" oil on canvas
title - A Dark Horse
its the title image piece for my solo show in The Doorway Gallery in Dublin, Ireland in April
"Tony O Connor - A Dark Horse"
did a limited run of prints on her too, just 50 on german etching paper.



There are certain rescue groups that are dear to my heart... Being an owner of 3 brumbys' (Australias wild horses) brumby rescue is one that is very dear to my heart.

Once a year I create an original work for each of the 3 rescue groups I am a member of..These pieces are raffled or sold directly to help raise funds to help there efforts to save these beautiful horses..

Perlino is one of the young brumbys rescued by the Outback Heritage Horse Associations of Western Australia.  Drop by there website if you would like to read more about him is name is Digger.

Perlino will be offered for sale on the OHHAWA website shortly..


8" x 8"
Framed Pastel

Catherin McMillan

COmmissions welcome worldwide
Original artwork for sale

Gift certificates available
Payment plan offered.

Pay Pal accepted

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playing with Aquabord™

These are three small 5" x 7" watercolor paintings I've been playing around with on Aquabord™ for the last couple of days. I was looking for a durable substrate for small paintings to take with me to the various venues where I set up my portrait booth. Everything at these events is subject to manhandling (not trying to be sexist here!) so I needed something that could tolerate a lot of abuse.

Aquabord™ turned out to be the answer. Although it's a watercolor surface, it doesn't paint like traditional watercolor--which is both an advantage and a hindrance. What I love about it is the way it holds color. If you load your brush, that color stays vibrant. If you make a mistake, it is ridiculously easy to lift the color off. Which means no need for masking fluid. And since it dries very quickly, no need for the hair dryer either. The downside is that it's also easy to inadvertently lift color which you did not intend to lift. The final product can be protected with a spray-on fixative such as Krylon.

So it's a learning curve, but all in all I think I will be pursuing it since I'm so encouraged by these preliminary experiments.

Dapple Grey Stallion Two, charcoal equine drawing by Carol Engles

14 x 16 charcoal drawing on paper.

California Abstract Artist Carol Engles

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Abstract Equine Art, Colorful Horse Painting by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Three at the Watering Hole
by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Abstract Horse Painting with palette knife on Canvas
24 x 36 inches  Oil on Canvas

Contact Steve at Mirada Fine Art to purchase.

©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2012 
Contact me for your own commissioned painting or to purchase this piece: Laurie     

Close ups:

Read more:

‘Between a rock and a hard place’ Western Watercolor by Debbie Flood


Between a rock and a hard place Medium Web view

Between a rock and a hard place

20 x 28 inches. Watercolor on 300lb Arches Paper.

I’ve finally come to a place with this painting, where I have set it aside, and I am letting it soak into my mind, before calling it officially done.

This is one large painting. It took a lot of work and pressing on, to get it completed.

I had previously titled this painting, “Swing a hard left”, but as I worked more on it, and added more elements to it, the new title Between a rock and a hard place came to me and seemed to fit much better.

Thank you for following along on the creation of this painting.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Aloha Silhouette( Silver) - pastel sketch by Sue Linton

Jess won a competition I ran on my Sue Linton Artist Facebook page asking for inspiring photos for me to paint from.
I loved the angle of Silver's head and the way her mane flew. I knew I had to paint her!

Aloha Silhouette ( Silver)
pastel sketch
approx 14 x 17" Framed size

' Omg I could cry!! Sue it is stunning!!!!"
I bring your photos to life in portraits that will touch your heart!
Satisfaction guarantee 
 Have me create your own keepsake portrait!
email -
website -
To see progressive photos of some of my work as it is painted go to my Facebook Sue Linton artist page
or my blog
Email me your photos and I can tell you if they are suitable for a portrait.

This is a birthday gift for Alex's 21st on 2 March 2012 from her mum and dad and her five favourite horses.  Its an oil on canvas and Chelle (mum) wanted all five sort of blending into each other.
Alex and the family love the result and it was fun to do
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX ................

wearable art

I had a faithful admirer ask for a painting on a jean shirt in the late fall, and I had no idea how much fun that suggestion would be for me. I have a small portfolio started. One of my favorite color combinations to paint with are turquoise and sienna, this is one of my latest creations on a vest.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here we are, my pencil portrait of Kinnersley is finished.
He had just finished racing at Warwick Farm and looked great.

Let me know if you like it?   Cheers Kristin