Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's one of those typical winter days that happen more often than the sparkling, bright days that turn winter into magic. The clouds hang heavy and grey, and the world seems to be painted in shades of black and white. I think of it as Winter distilled - the very essence of winter. And it has a beauty all it's own, so I wanted to celebrate it in a painting.  When I saw this group of horses that were so completely in harmony with their surroundings, I knew I had my painting. Actually, there were two groups of two black horses and one group of two black and white horses, but this painting needed to be simple, so I was selective in what I put in.
The whole painting is deceptively simple. It's more about knowing what to leave out as it is about what to put in, and that takes experience and skill. I've been painting long enough to have achieved those things. I love detail, but sometimes, the advice of Thoreau must be followed: 'Simplify, simplify'.
This recently completed painting, "WINTER DISTILLED", is an 11 by 14 watercolor on Arches 140 hot press, and it is available.  $625.  Also available are notecards and small prints.

Heather Anderson


Sunday, January 29, 2012

EAST, WEST, . . . Love 'Em Both!

How could I ever possibly choose?  The nice thing is, I never had to.  I live in a part of Eastern Ontario where there is lots of English riding activity.  We have shows for Jumping, Hunter-Jumpers, Dressage, horse show classes for Saddleseat, Arabian Native Costume, and Driving, and lots of stables that teach proper English Riding skills.  We also have a little Polo, as well as Fox-less Hunting. So many marvelous equine activities to enjoy! And I enjoy painting them all!
One of my dreams, (along with having a horse of my own), was a pair of shiny black English boots and a black velvet hard hat.  When I achieved both dreams, they were even better in reality, even though I had to trade my velvet helmet in for an upgraded, safer model. I still have the velvet one though!
But once I began my horse adventure, I quickly learned that there was a large alternate Equine culture in the Valley and surrounding areas.  My friends (and home barn) all rode mainly Western, and I quickly slid into that laid back, companionable way of riding and became aware of the thriving Western culture around here -  Quarter Horses, Paints, rodeos, Western classes at horse shows, Western Games,  friends gathering for a trail ride with maybe some music after, and a great Western tack shop. We even have a large number of beef cattle farms.  They are not ranches and we don't have  prairie or desert, or huge tracts of grazing land. And although we don't have cattle drives, I've often ridden through a herd, and followed along when my friend was rounding up some cattle that had crawled under a loosened wire fence and strayed down the road. (Have you ever seen a cow crawl? Hysterical!)  For years, many of our  country young people have headed out West to work on the ranches for a time before they come back to work on the family farm or start their own related business.
I fell in love with this aspect of the Ottawa Valley and from the beginning, I've loved painting it.
I have wondered for a long time why we have this in our area. Then recently, I read that the great painter of the West, Frederick Remington came here to paint in the Pontiac Hills, a range of extremely ancient mountains that have been worn down to craggy, stern, and very beautiful hills.  We live a short ten minute ferry ride across the river from these hills, and I have been able to see them in the distance all my life.  Did Remington bring the Western way with him, or did he come here because it was already in place?
I guess I'll never know, and in the end, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that we can enjoy both worlds here, and while I still enjoy watching the English way of riding and the shows, and I'll never part with my elegant black English boots, you can see by their battered appearance that the Western boots were used far more often.  The only thing still holding them together is love and great memories.

Heather Anderson

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

El Andaluz - the Andalusian

My latest project - of my favorite subject - the Andalusian horse.  Had this one sitting on my kitchen table so that whenever I had a few minutes I could work on him. Since starting work full time again, I haven't had much studio time. This still needs some refining and smoothing, but will be ready for the foundry soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heading in the right direction

This is a detail of the painting I showed the start in an earlier post. (January 15th)  I am very excited at how it is coming along.
Judith A. Johnson

‘Spirit Horse Pass’ Watercolor by Debbie Flood

                   Spirit Horse Pass Large Web view

                   Spirit Horse Pass 15 x 18 Watercolor. $1,400.00

The image above, is my latest completed watercolor Spirit Horse Pass.
There was a lot of unexplained things going on, while I was creating this painting.

As many of you know, I had gone out West during the Summer of 2011. While I was in Arizona, I did as much site seeing and photograph taking as I could. What entranced me most about the place was the outcropping of rocks.

Those rocks held magical shapes and Spirits for me. I could see shapes of hands, some looked like mittens others like bare hands reaching up out of the earth, reaching to be free of their stone encasement. Other shapes took on the look of Tribes, mothers carrying children, wearing drapes of blankets and clothing over their heads, all marching towards the horizon. I felt as if I was walking on sacred ground, and the past of the West was all around me. There is so much History there, and for me, the stones, boulders and rocks were telling me a loud story.

Several weeks ago, I was flipping through my images of riders and horses, and also going through my Arizona trip photos. There was those rocks, and I knew I had to start using them in backgrounds of my paintings.
The boulders in this painting, Spirit Horse Pass, are those of Prescott, Arizona. I had gone to visit the Phippen Museum of Western Art. As I arrived a little early, before they opened, I set off on a landscape adventure. And there was those rocks with the hands and mittens.

Here at the studio, I found the image I wanted from my files, and sketched out the rock's shapes for this painting. I transferred them onto the watercolor paper, along with the rider and horse, reference photo taken at a local horse show. I didn't have a lot of planned out things for this painting, as I got the image transferred and ready to paint. This rider and horse are the same team I had used in the watercolor Moon shine run.

As I started to lay down color onto the front of the horse, I could visualize an Appaloosa. I grew up with Appys and the love and bond I had with them came forward.
So, I had my horse color, and as I painted the horse, the hand print on the shoulder showed up. Wow, I thought, and I continued on that theme.
Then I thought, I would like to keep the background the same colors as the horse and stay along that 'spot' theme. I thought "snow". So I proceeded to lay in rock color here and there, leaving the paper white, where the snow would be. I worked it all, so it would have a pleasing flow.

When a good amount of rocks and snow was built up, I stepped back and took a look at how it was coming along, over all.  Wow! What did I see?! I saw horse head shapes emerging from the rocks and snow. Some looked like race horses with blinkers on, others looked like horse head skulls, others were partial face, nose, arched necks and so on. I was totally amazed and dumb founded at what was happening with this painting! Believe me, none of this was planned.

As I kept working on the rocks, I just painted and let my subconscious take over. I didn't want to "try" to paint horse shapes, I just let "what will be, will be". And sure enough, there was more Horses in the rocks. I then had my title for this painting, Spirit Horse Pass. This painting came from a place that I cannot explain. It was not planned, it was not foreseen.

The rocks and landscape spoke to me, out there in Arizona, and are still speaking to me, through my art.
Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

So, take a look, and see how many horse heads and pieces you can find, in the rocks and snow. I found around 20. There is no right answer, it's all in what you, as an individual, are open to seeing.

I am now taking names, to be on a waiting list for Professional Limited Edition Prints of 50, for Spirit Horse Pass.
15 x 18 Limited Edition Print $100.00 Hand signed and Numbered by me.
Approximate size 10 x 12 Open Edition Print $45.00 signed by me.
Ships flat and shipping fees are extra. Also there is a Maine Sales Tax, for Maine Residents.
You can email me at debflood@debfloodart.com if you would like a Print or two, or more.

~Debbie Flood


Monday, January 23, 2012

Vanishing Spirits

Vanishing Spirits is a colored pencil painting done on colourfix board. Windy and Rene, two rescued mustangs now living at Journey's End Ranch Animal Sanctuary were the models for this work. I wanted to make a statement about the loss of wild horses in the American west. I will be taking this one to my printer and doing limited edition reproductions.

Just off the easel

"The Blue Ribbon" a colored pencil painting on Stonehenge paper - just off the easel.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Journey, Horse Painting by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Laurie Justus Pace

In celebration of 2000 days blogging at www.lauriepace.blogspot.com
Watch for a give away painting on my blog this week.

28 x 42 inches Mixed Media

© Laurie Pace  Graphics One Design  1998-2012
Contact me to purchase this painting: Laurie

Monday, January 16, 2012


FIND A QUIET CORNER is a 12 x 16 watercolor on 300 lb Arches Hot Press.  In this painting, I'm remembering the peace and refuge of the barn, where worries disappear for a while, and you can find a place and the time to sit quietly and just "be" for a little while, something that is very necessary for the soul.  I often went to the barn looking for the peace that only animals can give you, but although I always found the horses, some barn cats and a dog or two, I never did come across a good looking cowboy snoozing in the tack room!

Heather Anderson  
http://www.heatheranderson-animalart.com/                      anderson.animalart@sympatico.ca

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's a start

I haven't painted anything seriously in about 4 months so it is good to get going again.  This is of two draft horses that belong to a friend of mine.  It is oil on canvas, 24x30.  I hope I can use it for the Draft Horse Classic entry later this year.

Judith Johnson

Friday, January 13, 2012

Arabian Filly at a Trot, charcoal equine drawing by Carol Engles

16 x 20 charcoal drawing on paper.



California Abstract Artist Carol Engles

Moreno Valley Arts Council Membership and Winter Exhibit, Watercolors Accepted by Debbie Flood.


Last week I was invited to become a member of the Moreno Valley Arts Council in Angel Fire, New Mexico. I graciously accepted and then I was told I was eligible to enter the Juried Competition of the Winter Exhibit.

COOL! I entered three Watercolors into this exhibit and I’m pleased to announce that all three were accepted!

Moon shine run Medium Web view

Moon shine run 20 x 16 Watercolor

Here is a photo of Moon shine run in it’s new frame:

me and moonshine run Medium Web view

The photo is tinted a little too much on the pink and yellows! But the painting looks fabulous in this frame package.

Riders of the storm Medium Web view

Riders of the storm 14 x 19 Watercolor

This will be going into a 3 inch wide, weathered, Barn wood frame.

Minor Adjustments pro photo Medium Web view

Minor adjustments 15 x 18 Watercolor

This painting will also be going into a 3 inch Wide, weathered, Barn wood frame.

The exhibit dates are February 14 – 21, 2012 The Atrium in Centro Plaza, Angel Fire, New Mexico.

http://www.angelfireartspace.com for more info.

Debbie Flood


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warm and Cold

This was a summer image, warm sunshine coming through the horses's eye, and across his face...You can feel the warmth when you look at this!

This was a winter image, and it makes me feel cold.  I can almost shiver when I look at it!

It's so fun, as an artist, to play with colors and see the effects they have on our emotions and feelings.

Look through the images on my Red Bubble gallery and see if you can find something that suits your mood for today.  Warm, cold or inbetween, you'll find a photo you like!

Thank you for visiting, feel fee to leave a comment, and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Debra Saum Talking Art ShowEncinitas Civic Center Gallery “Talking Art” Exhibit “Animal Communication On Canvas” “I’m really just an Animal Interprete

Encinitas Civic Center Gallery “Talking Art” Exhibit “Animal Communication On Canvas”

“I’m really just an Animal Interpreter” says Debra Saum who’s one-woman show will be featured at the Encinitas Civic Center Gallery from January 12th – February 28th, 2012. “We all have a sixth sense, we’re born with it. I communicate with the animals I paint and they communicate right back. My ‘Talking Art’ portraits along with my books give them a voice”.

Saum’s vibrantly colorful portraits of wildlife and domesticated animals jump off the wall with their intensity. Clients who commission her to paint their beloved animal companions talk about how their four-legged friends are alive within the canvas.

“Animal communication is the most natural thing….it happens every day between people and the animals they love. I’m simply using art and writing as a medium to show how animals and humans truly understand each other. One of my favorite animal subjects who appears in my latest book “Animal Joy” expresses it best……. “We are all the same species….the species of life.”

Contact Debra: debra@debrasaum.com www.debrasaum.com 858-759-9760

Artist Reception and Book Signing: (www.debrasaum.com/books/)

Wed. January 18th, 2012 5-7p.m. Encinitas Civic Center Gallery

505 S. Vulcan Ave. Encinitas (Gallery open Mon-Fri 7am-6pm; closed Jan. 20, Feb. 3 and Feb.17)

Horse in Snow by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Horse in Snow by Laurie Pace
24 x 30 inches  Oil on Canvas

Please Click HERE to see close up detail images of this painting.
Newly listed on CFAI.co

©Laurie Justus Pace  Graphics One Design 1998 - 2012

Contact me to purchase this painting or click the painting above to purchase.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A few words about Reins of Life

Gunny (the chestnut) and Rosie are two therapy horses (Rosie is a mini horse) at Reins of Life Therapeutic Riding Center in Michigan City, Indiana. They are award-winning therapy horses, which is kind of neat considering I didn't know they even gave awards for such a wonderful service.

Gunny was the 2010 Indiana Therapy Horse of the Year. Rosie was the Exceptional Therapy Horse Challenge Winner in 2010 at the Hoosier Horse Fair in Indianapolis.

This painting of Gunny and Rosie is one of my occasional donations to horse-related groups that must fund-raise in order to be able to do their good work. Each painting is a custom portrait of horses that belong to or are cared for by the group. In this case, it took three photographs, all provided by Reins of Life, to gather all the material necessary for the painting--one of the two horses together, one of just Rosie because most of her was hidden behind her handler in the 2-horse photo, and one of an empty pasture with fall foliage framing it. All came together nicely, and the painting will be auctioned at Reins of Life fundraiser coming up in February.

If you'd like to see descriptions and photos of this exceptional facility, visit http://reinsoflife.org/