Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting on a Prayer, Taos New Mexico Church with Burro. Watercolor by Debbie Flood

 Waiting on a Prayer Medium Web view

Waiting on a Prayer 10 x 12 inch Watercolor on 300lb Arches Watercolor Paper. Inquiries may come to my email at thank you.

The Taos, NM Church Watercolor Painting is finally finished.

I’ve returned from Sedona, Arizona and the Invitational Group Exhibit Lamingtons And Apple Pie at the Sedona Arts Center. I have to say, the work in that exhibit was wonderful!

The Red Rocks of Sedona was anything but amazing! Very gorgeous and inspirational Landscape there. As you have probably guessed, I took more than a lot of photographs.

I also took a day to visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. That sure is one big hole in the ground! ha ha….and quite spectacular.

Half a day was spent on a horse back ride through some of the Arizona desert, where Jack Rabbits and Cotton Tail rabbits seemed to watch us plod along. That ride was followed by a wagon ride, pulled by two beautiful black Percherons, up to the cook shack, where we were fed an awesome Breakfast of Cowboy eggs, sausage gravy, and home made biscuits that were cooked in a coal pit! Our view was filled with an over look of the Country that laid around us. And the Moon that we all share, was watching over us, in the morning sky.

Another day, I took a drive to Prescott, home of the Phippen Western Art Museum. I was nothing but inspired by that Museum and ready to paint, after viewing the amazing large oils, pastels and watercolors that graced the walls there. I was deeply moved by each artist’s work on display, of cattle, horses and the Western way of life.

I also had some magical and spiritual visions of the Landscape while in Prescott, and I am sure this will be reflected in the paintings that will come in the near future.

Yes, it was an experience that I will carry with me, and will be implemented in my future works.

I love my journey I am on, exploring myself and this world through the amazing beauty of painting, and being able to share that with you.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Abstract Horse Painting Horizon Ponies Fall Play by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Horizon Ponies Fall Play
A new Horizon Pony Painting from my Studio. Abstract Horse Painting in my signature pulled paint.  Will be dry next week and ready for varnish.
24 x 36 inches   Oil on Canvas    
 ©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011 
Contact me for your own commissioned painting or to purchase this piece: Laurie   
“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 NIV

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taos New Mexico Church with Burro, Watercolor in Progress by Debbie Flood

Taos church progress Medium Web view

Taos church progress 2 Medium Web view

During my trip to New Mexico, I visited the Taos Church. Yes, the famous, painted often, Church of Taos, NM. It was just about high noon when I visited it, and the shadows were subtle. Actually, with the pea stone rock and the Adobe, the sunlight was down right blinding! And well, it was only around 90 – something degrees that day! But I was loving it.

I took a lot of different angled photos of the Church, I just loved the simple lines and curves, and all the work that went into putting that Adobe onto the ‘bricks’.

I had the image of the mini Burro, my mom had sent me, years ago. I’ve been waiting for just the right back drop to paint him. And, here it is.

This watercolor is painted on 300lb Arches Watercolor paper and is 10 x 12 Inches.

I’ve just about got my bags all packed again. I’m leaving for Sedona, Arizona on Saturday the 13th. I’ll be at the Invitational Exhibit “Lamingtons and Apple Pie” Exhibit that includes Australian and USA Artists. Opening Reception is August 15th at 6:30PM, at the Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road. The exhibit dates are August 15-29, 2011. I’ll have 6 paintings there, along with a raffle painting and a few Giclee Prints.

~Debbie Flood

Dancing to a Silent Tune by Linda Snider Ward

This piece was inspired by my black and white Tennessee Walking Horse, Roxie. It's an oil on canvas 18" x 36", and it's part of a new series of work to be shown for the first time at my Artist-of-the-Month exhibition at the Ouachita River Art Gallery in September. The exhibition is titled For the Love of Horses & all Creatures.You can see more of my artwork at my new website

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ruler of the barn

Pierre patrols the aisles of the Cheff Center for Therapeutic Riding in Augusta, MI.  Things are kept pretty clean so his job is not too strenuous!  He just soaks up the attention from all the clients.

Judith A. Johnson
watercolor 7 1/2 x 9 3/4

Sunday, August 7, 2011

360 View

360 View, 12 x 24
One of the paintings inspired by a trip to Alberta, (Waterton Lakes area).  What a beautiful day it was!

Valeroso One, charcoal equine drawing by Carol Engles

10 x 14 charcoal on paper.

California Abstract Artist Carol Engles

Thursday, August 4, 2011

‘Gathering up the reins’ Watercolor by Debbie Flood

                      Gathering up the reins Medium Web view

Gathering up the reins 13 x 17 Watercolor on Arches 300lb Watercolor Paper.

The painting is finally finished. I was going to send this to an exhibit I was invited to, but the Lady at the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery in New Mexico, requested it for her Gallery.

I have other works I can send to the exhibit, so this one will be going to the Gallery. At the moment, the frame I ordered for it, is on back order. Once I have that, I’ll be able to frame it and send it on to the Gallery in NM.

This painting is from the ride I went on in Angel Fire, NM with the Road Runner Tours. This painting depicts the Tour Guide, Gunther, and his dark Palomino mare. This is where we stopped on the side of the mountain that dropped out into an open field. Here the horses rested and we took photos of one another.

Another painting I recently finished of the horse I rode “Bullet'” The coolest place in town, will also be going to the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery in NM. Here is an image of it with it’s pretty Gold Wood Frame on. I’ve included the story of the Butterfly, on the back of this painting too. You can scroll down a few posts to read about the Butterflies of Angel Fire.

                      Bullet framed Medium Web view

My next trip is coming right up! August 13th I fly out to Sedona, Arizona. I am in an Invitational Group Exhibit there. The exhibit is ‘Lamingtons and Apple Pie’. It consists of 9 of us, from Australia and the USA. The Opening Reception is August 15th at 6:30PM. There will also be a raffle of works from each artist with proceeds for the Luv shack Horse Rescue Ranch.

The exhibit runs August 15- 29, 2011. Would love to meet you at the reception!


Runaway Blog

Gosh, last week I lost all my blog connections, and it's great to be 'back in business' again! You never know how much you want to say until you can't say it :-0   I thought I'd better post right away, just because I can :-0
This painting, "NOCTURN" is a little 4 x 6 watercolor of a black Andalusian, and it has a slight sparkle to the finish that you can't see here.  It was meant to be a bit of fun fantasy.  It is available for $25. and if anyone is interested, please contact me through my website

Heather Anderson . . . . .Sheltie Hollow

Monday, August 1, 2011

‘Head Games’ Western Watercolor by Debbie Flood

                                                                                                                  Head games Medium Web view

Head games 15 x 12 Watercolor on Arches 300lb Watercolor Paper.

This is a scene from the ranch at the Road Runner Tours, in Angel Fire New Mexico, where I went on my trail ride in June 2011.

This poor cowpoke patiently chased this mare around the paddock to put her bridle on. The saddle was on...but she wasn't too quick to give her head. At one point, I helped block her, so she didn't go into another adjacent paddock.

I don’t know how many hours they had gone around one another, while I was off riding through the Forests and Mountains. They weren’t there when we left, but when we got back, 2 hours later, there they were, all hot, dirty and dusty. going around and around.

Many times she seemed she would give in and he got close to her head. He’d gently put a rope over the crest of her neck, to try to use as leverage in hopes she wouldn’t budge. But…off she’d go. About an hour after we got back from our ride, he finally caught her. I think at one point, she jumped into the water trough! I heard the thunderous splash of water and metal.

Once he had her, he climbed on, and away they rode…off into the Mountains. She was calm and no problems at all. I heard someone say, “She’s a great trail horse, once you catch her and get a bridle on”.

Hmmm….is this typical for a female? Head Games. lol

If you are interested in purchasing this watercolor, send me an email

~Debbie Flood


Learning to Trust

Learning to Trust... take 2

I started this painting sometime ago and wasnt at all happy with the way it was playing out.. so I decided as you do to start again...

Much happier second time around with the way the painting it is coming along..

Upon completion Learning to Trust will be travelling to the US as part of the Lamingtons & Apple Pie exhibition at the Sedona Art Centre Arizona... opening on the 15th August running through until the 29th August

Learning to Trust

10" x 14" upon completion
Catherin McMillan


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