Friday, July 29, 2011

The IEA has branched out with ‘Stable Companions’ of Hounds & Horses!

DSC02544 Medium Web view

The International Equine Artists would like to announce the “Stable Companions of Hounds & Horses” Blog.

We only thought it was fitting to include the Stable Companions, who are there, steadfast, at the Master’s side, Best Friend, Tail Thumping Barn Mate! And don’t worry, we didn’t forget the pooch’s little side-kick, the Barn Cat!

This new Blog will show case some of the best Canine and Feline Art that our Members produce! Are you looking for a portrait of your pooch or kitty? I’m sure you can find an artist in your area, from our membership, that can handle that task for you.

So, sit, and stay for awhile, over at the Stable Companions Howling Great Blog. Follow the link below:

                ‘Stable Companions’ 


Progress on ‘Gathering up the reins’ Watercolor by Debbie Flood

gathering up the reins progress 5 Medium Web view

More progress on 'Gathering up the reins' watercolor.
Now I'm mostly layering more color on, in places to darken things up a bit. This paper (300lb Arches Watercolor Paper) is really thirsty and the colors sink in and 'dull out'. I added more color to the sky, mountains, shadows on the man and his hat. I also started working more on the two trees to the left of the painting.

It seems like slow going now, but it will get finished in the not to far future.

I’ve ordered a gold frame for this, the frame is on back order, and I hope it will get shipped to me in time to put this into an Exhibit I was invited to, in September 2011, located in Raton, NM. Only time will tell.

Have a great weekend!


Gypsy Horse Painting

©2011- Artist: Sheri Cook
9 x 12 acrylic on Canvas Board
Inspired by and with permission from Mammano Photography.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rolling in Clover

I'm about to ship this painting to its new owner, who runs a horse rescue in Wisconsin called Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary. Erin Kelley approached me at my booth at Horse-A-Rama and wanted to know if I would like to set up shop at her upcoming fundraiser in August. I couldn't because of a previous engagement scheduled at Horse Days for the same weekend. However, I have on occasion painted portraits which I donated to rescues and shelters to be used in any manner they wish, so I made her the same offer.

She enthusiastically accepted, and sent me a photo of this cute, totally blind paint mare named Gypsy, who because of her considerable disability has a forever home at the sanctuary.

I was happy to receive such a nice photo, but challenged at the same time...Gypsy was ensconced in a pasture of deep clover which, while very pretty, presented a nightmare of detail for the artist to reproduce. Even if I'd been paid thousands of $$ I could not have sat there and carefully crafted each clover leaf! So I made a tactical decision to do the detail on the leaves that bordered the horse's body and just "wing it" with the rest. I think it worked...I'm very happy with the piece and Erin is absolutely ecstatic. I wish her the very best of luck at her August fundraiser!

"Gypsy (Rolling in Clover)"
Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"
©2011 Alli Farkas

Feather in my cap

Feather in my Cap

Sometimes when you complete a work your not entirely happy with it when you come back and take a look later on.

That's been the case with Feather in my Cap it wasn't until I photographed the finished drawing that I realised there was a mark on the paper. Rather than rework the entire drawing I decided to add a back ground colour...

I think he blue back ground brings the horse and little girl more forward toward to the foreground in the drawing.. so thank goodness for that mark.

Feather in my Cap

19" x 25"

Catherin McMillan

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ten Length Winner, abstract horse racing art by Carol Engles

19 x 23 watercolor and pastel on paper.

California Abstract Artist Carol Engles

“The Coolest Place In Town”-Bullet. Watercolor by Debbie Flood

 The coolest place in town Bullet Medium Web view

Here I am, playing a little ‘catch-up’ with my Blog posts! I’ve been painting fast and furious, to capture my feelings and experiences of New Mexico! My Blog posts got a little behind.

This watercolor, here, is of ‘Bullet’. He’s the horse I rode on the Road Runner Tours in Angel Fire, New Mexico. We took a ride up into the Mountains, well, actually the head quarters was sitting on the mountain! We rode for two hours into the Forest and across a field or two. I was in Seventh Heaven!

On the ride, we came out of the Forest into a clearing that over looked distant fields, Mountains and Eagle Nest Lake. Before we stopped, for some candid photo shots, I had a Butterfly flutter up between Bullet’s ears, over the crest of his neck, the saddle horn, and into my face! Over the top of my head it went, and I warned the rider behind me to watch out for that crazy Butterfly! But before I had the whole sentence out, it veered off into the woods, not bothering the horse and rider behind me. A few minutes after, I had another one do the same exact thing!

We finished up our ride, and back at the ranch, I took a bunch of photos. I hung out in the paddock with Bullet and his friends. Bullet and I formed a really great bond, and I think of him now, often. This painting I have posted here, is after the ride and Bullet hanging out by the water trough. Titled: The coolest place in town, Watercolor on 300lb Arches Watercolor paper, image size: 11 x 14 inches. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, send me an email at thank you.

The next day, after the ride, I drove to Eagle Nest Lake and the Cimarron Mountains. At a gift store there, I found a T-Shirt with butterflies all over it. With that Butterfly moment on Bullet, I just had to have the T-shirt!

The next day, after purchasing the Butterfly T-shirt, I took a day trip into Taos with CheyAnne. I told her about my Butterfly experience and the T-shirt. She had a look on her face, like, “No way!” She then proceeded to tell me the New Mexico Spiritual meaning of having a Butterfly flutter into your face.

“When a Butterfly flutters into your face, You are Blessed”.

I had two get into my face, one right after the other.

Bullet and I are very blessed.

Love and Peace to you all,


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Helen Bailey Wins Awards with her Equine and Wildlife Paintings. CPSA & TVAA.

Helen baily CPSA-poster Medium Web view

The CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America) just recently had their 19th International Exhibition at the Charles W. Eisemann Center in Dallas, TX.  The show opened on June 29 and closes July 31, 2011.  The Awards Ceremony was Friday, July 15th.  IEA Member, Helen Baily, won the Dixon Ticonderoga Award for Exceptional Merit, one of 4 top awards in this show, with her painting, "Looking Out For Me." This painting also won First Place in the TVAA (Texas Visual Arts Association) Members Show in January of this year as well.

Helen BailyLooking_Out_For_Me Medium Web view

Looking Out For Me by Helen Bailey

Helen Baily Wildlife show web invit Medium Web view

Also, the TVAA Wildlife and Nature Show opened July 1-29, 2011.  It was held at the TVAA Gallery at the Plaza of the Americas in Dallas, TX.  Helen Bailey won Second Place for  her image called "Eric's Legacy."

Helen Baily Eric's Legacy Medium Web view

Eric’s Legacy by Helen Bailey.

To view more of Helen Bailey’s Fine Art, visit her website at 

In progress trophy bust by Morgen Kilbourn

A current work in progress this small 4" by 4" tall work so far is destined to get a sculpted matching style Greco-Roman base and attach to a marble foot. I plan to produce it in either cold cast metals or bronze.

I’m really captivated and inspired by the fierce warrior horse look in ancient architecture and statuary and hope to achieve a very tarnished effect to the finish to match the style, and yet not hide too much of the detail.

Click images to see larger than life

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Just Jawing" new acrylic painting

It seems I've reverted to only acrylic paintings lately. All other mediums just haven't felt as comfortable.

This is the latest one: Just Jawing, 9 x 12 on Ampersand panel. Two old boys catching up on all the news.

This piece is available. Any comments welcome, and thanks for looking!

Jeri Thorpe

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Over the Moon

Trainers in Training

I don't often enter juried exhibitions ... but when I received the invitation to submit to the Ingles Equine Art Prize, which is a competition organised by Australian Art Sale from New South Wales Australia...   I was so excited by this opportunity... Equine art competitions are few and far between here in Australia.. So it was an opportunity too good to miss.

The theme for the competition was "Around the Horse Stud" which conjured up all types of images of stallions with their grooms and mares and foals. The criteria was that it must depict registered thoroughbred horses.

So the search for a stud to liaise with began.. I found the perfect stud in Carrington Park at Roberston NSW.. after speaking to the owner Peter Beauman a time was arrange to go up to the stud too meet the horses.

I had an image in my mind as to what I wanted to paint but capturing it was the hard part.. several hundred photos later and one frustrated husband who is my photographer... we arrived home to go through the photos and select the image I would paint....

Well the best laid plans of mice and men went out the window when I saw the photo of the children with "Cirles of Desire"...  I had found the image that I just had to paint I couldn't stop thinking about the photo and the story it told to me... of these children discussing the virtues of this horse.. hence Trainers in Training 14" x 21" watercolour was born.

After sending off my entry for the jury process I crossed my fingers and waited to hear back from Mike Coward from Australian Art Sales the organiser... You can imagine my surprise when just 2 days after the closing date for the jury selection I received an email confirming my painting was accepted.... to say I'm over the  moon is an understatement and I'm still wearing the biggest grin 24hrs later.

Only 30 paintings worldwide have been chosen for the exhibit, which makes it even more special..

The exhibition begins August 11 at the Sydney Inglis Newmarket Complex. The exhibit will remain there until August 14, then be in Melbourne from August 18-24, and on to Scone from August 25-28.

Fingers crossed this leads to bigger and better things for my equine artwork.

Catherin McMillan

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‘Dancing In The Dust’ Western White Horse Completed In Watercolor by Debbie Flood

Dancing in the dust Large Web view

Dancing in the dust. 21 x 27 inches. Watercolor. $2,500.00

I have finished Dancing in the dust. I’m very motivated to start paintings from my New Mexico adventure that I was recently on. So, needless to say, I am working to complete the works that have been in progress, and those that are waiting in the wings to be started.

I’ve created a Blog for myself and CheyAnne Sexton to post our SouthWest adventures and Paintings and photographs that we have accumulated. We took one day, while I was in NM, to photograph Taos, NM. We had such a good time, we decided to do this painting challenge:  I’ve got it set up so you can follow it through Google or get the updates in your email.

I’m very pleased to announce that I am now Represented by the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery, in Angel Fire, New Mexico. You can find my Western and Equine Genre Watercolors there.

I do hope you are having a fantastic week and staying cool if you are in any of the Summer locations around the globe.




Gotcha.. the second last piece for the exhibition in Sedona.. I so love these black and white watercolours.. my head is briming with ideas for more works created in this way.

10" x 14"

Catherin McMillan

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meeting the Black Taos Morgan Stallion by Debbie Flood

DSC04663 Large Web view

I was along for the ride, with CheyAnne driving her father’s old pick up truck, that had more Character than the Peanuts Gang! She drove down this dirt road in Taos, NM. It was a hot, dry day and the wind would blow up dust devils every so often. She parked the truck in what seemed like a wide driveway. It’s hard to tell where road, driveways stop and start, with so much dry dirt around.

As we got out and started to make our way across the dirt road, to see a mare and foal out in the green pasture (yes, there was a green pasture!) we heard a whinny. Almost a pitiful whinny, but it had enough energy and lift to it, to make us turn around to see who was talking to us.

It was a black Morgan Stallion. Around the bend a bit, there he stood, with ears perked up, mentally telling us to come see him. With our cameras in tow, and our eyes feasting on this beautiful beast, he waited for us to get near.

He smelled of CheyAnne’s camera, as if to say, is that good enough to take photos of me?

I suppose he was confident enough, that we had a couple of good cameras, he laid down in the dirt and started a rolling dirt bath feast! Over and over he went. At times, he was almost invisible, shrouded in dust that danced in the Taos light. What a photo op! I’m surprised the clicking of our shutter buttons didn’t disturb someone!

DSC04665 Large Web view

Later, after he raised to his hooves, and shook off the excess dust, he went to CheyAnne, and rubbed his head against her, leaving streaks of drool and mucus that turned the dry dust into mud upon her clothes. He loved the attention, and watched us as we walked away. For a few moments, his boring morning, became a fun dust game.

Soon, I will be painting this Black Taos Morgan Stallion, to immortalize him forever. Just what I think he hoped we would do.

Debbie Flood

This post is originally written for the “Painting The SouthWest” Blog.

Friday, July 1, 2011

‘Rumbles in the sky’ Wins The ‘Judge’s Award Of Merit’ at the Red River Valley International Juried Art Exhibition, Vernon, Texas 2011


Rumbles in the sky Large Web view

I’m very Honored to announce that my watercolor painting, Rumbles in the sky, was awarded the Judge’s Award Of Merit. The annual International Exhibit is put on by the Red River Valley Museum in Vernon, Texas.

The Judge for this years show was David Band.

This watercolor is still available for purchase. The image measures 21.5 x 29 inches. Framed in a heavy Gold Wood frame with an off white 2 inch mat.         $2,500.00. Shipping is separate. You may contact me for a shipping quote. thank you.

~Debbie Flood