Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two as One... work in progres.. stage 3

Two as One - stage 3

The saddle and jeans are now completed.. and Ive now started work on the horses chest and neck... the colour in the riders shirt is still up to debate..

I may make it all pink or shades of pink.. or a mixture of colours to give the illusion of texture with out detracting from the rest of the drawing..

Two as One will be 12" x 24" approx upon completion

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two as One .. work in progress Stage 2

Really happy with the progress of Two as One .. Ive finished the horses rear end the shadows are important to give the impression of muscles and movement in the horse.. 

A good start has been made on the saddle and saddle blanket.

After marking in the blue for the jeans and the highlights on the girls shirt...I called it quits for the day

Two as One will be 12" x 24" approx upon completion

Thank you so much to Vicki Ostendorf for the use of her great photo

Catherin McMillan

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Two as One .. work in progress Stage 2

Sunday, May 22, 2011



Princess is my latest memory equine portrait... Its such a wonderful feeling to create that special memory piece for an owner of their much love equine or companion animal.

14" x 21"

Catherin McMillan

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whispers upon the wind. Progress on this Western Watercolor by Debbie Flood

Whispers upon the wind progress 3 Medium Web view

whispers upon the wind detail progress Medium Web view

I’ve been working still, on Whispers upon the wind. As I add details now, it slows the work progress down. I have added the ‘reason’ for the title. If you look to the right on the horizon you will see shadows of the whispers that move with the wind. I have included a detail image of those whisper shadows.

This Watercolor is on 15 x 21 inch 300lb Arches Watercolor paper.

Thank you for following the progress of this work.

If you are interested in other Equine and Western watercolors of mine, please visit my official website

~Debbie Flood

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

‘Burrowed in the high Country’, Burro with Rider Western Watercolor by Debbie Flood.

Burrowed in the high Country Medium Web view
Burrowed in the high Country
14 x 20 inches
Watercolor on 300lb Arches Watercolor paper.
$1,400.00 Original, No Frame or Mat.
Plus shipping & Handling, Ships Flat, sealed in a clear Art Bag with foam backing board.

Today I finished this Watercolor Painting of the Burro with a rider. What attracted me to this scene, was the woman’s boots, kerchief, and the fact that she was riding a Burro! It was a perfect combination for a painting.

To see more of my Western and Equine Themed Watercolors, check out my Website

Thank you for reading and enjoying this little Burro.

Debbie Flood

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Head Games - Pastel work in progress

This is my most recent work in progress, which needs a little background story told.

I was recently at a wonderful pastel store that opened about a year ago in my city, Cambridge, ON called Pastel Studio, (you can order the products online as well) I finally got to check it out about a month ago and was taken aback at the wonderful handmade pastels and different types of papers that are available. Who Knew? After taking a tour of the quaint, but well stocked store by the owner, I ended up purchasing 5 Unison soft pastels and one Diane Townsend silver Metallic (which I can't wait to try!), and a package of different coloured Clairefontiane Pastelmat paper. I am totally hooked!

I had always used Rembrandt and Canson stock purchased at the local "chain" artstore. Never again! Don't get me wrong, Rembrandt still has its uses in the process, but I cannot believe the quality and true pigment of these handmade pastels!! And the paper, OMG!! Talk about an AaaHaa moment!

While waiting for a commission painting wash to dry, I decided to "play" with my new purchases. So I pulled out this photo I had taken at a farm about 8 years ago of these 2 retired standardbred's (which if I remember correctly had over $1 mill. made between them) as they were having a wonderful game of halter tag or as I named it "Head Games" in thier paddock.

I'm really enjoying the process of how the pastel glides over the paper and the paper "grabs" and holds the pigment. The colour is what gets me, it is sooo pure.

I'm excited about what I will be able to achieve with these new found products, I feel that it will take my art to a whole new level.

Stay Tuned!


Whispers Upon The Wind, Western Paint Horse with Rider, Watercolor in Progress by Debbie Flood.

whispers progress  Medium Web viewwhispers upon the wind progress 2 Medium Web view

Can you tell I like to stay busy? Winking smile  Here is another Watercolor that I have going. This one is titled Whispers upon the wind. It is a half sheet, 15 x 21, Arches 300lb paper.

The top photo shows the very beginning of washes applied to the paper. The second photo shows that I have concentrated more on the sky. I’ve been working up the clouds and the depth of the sky, how the clouds recede and come closer.

I also applied some dapples to the back end of the horse. The rider is riding with only a blanket between her and her horse. She also will be wearing the same poncho that I used in the latest watercolor Where the Eagle soars.

Just too much fun! If there is such a thing!


Trainers in Training .. update

Trainers in Training - update

Thought it was time I placed an update on Trainers in Training...

Finally finished the railings of the gate the children are standing on.. and made a start on their skin tones and shoes... more work to do on the shadows of their flesh .. and then it will be onto the horse and the homeward run.

Trainers in Training
14" x 21" upon completion

Catherin McMillan

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Leg Man, Western Watercolor In Progress by Debbie Flood

                    Leg-man-progressLeg man progress 2 Medium Web view I started working on Leg man last week.  The puffy vest was a nice challenge! It’s not finished, but I think I have captured that poofy-ness of it pretty well.

This watercolor is 14 x 15 inches. Almost square. I’m working from a photograph that I took last Summer/early Fall at a Barrel Racing event here in Maine. I enjoy taking the subjects out of context and putting them out in a real environment and working situation. The horse was actually tied to a horse trailer and hay bags were hanging. Here I have given them a wonderful background of autumn foliage. You can almost hear the dried grasses and weeds crunch under their feet.

I’ll get more images posted as this work moves along.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.


Thomas Allen Pauly - A Great Day at the Iroquois Steeplechase

Art, Hats and Horses
Thomas Allen Pauly
The Official Artwork of The Iroquois Steeplechase: The Steeplechase
 ...It was an honor to be selected as the Official Artist of the 70th Iroquois Steeplechase. Many of my fellow artists that I have idolized throughout my career have captured the beauty and excitement of this prestigious sporting event. 

My oil painting titled The Steeplechase was auctioned off during Friday's Jockey Club Gala to assist the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. The top bidder was Mrs. Calvin Houghland whose husband was the longtime Chairman of The Iroquois Steeplechase and the winning jockey of the 1943 running of the Iroquois.

This year's $150,000 Calvin Houghland Iroquois (Grade 1) was won by last year's champion, Irvin S. Naylor's Tax Ruling, who withstood a challenge from Slip Away at the 18th and final hurdle at Percy Warner Park.  Trained by Brianne Slater and ridden by amateur rider Darren Nagle, who had three winners on Saturday, captured the spring season's richest hurdle race by five lengths.
Enjoying my First Iroquois Steeplechase

 Although it was cloudy and in the 60's, the rain held off until 5 minutes after the feature race. I shot hundreds of photos for future Iroquois Steeplechase posters. 

It was an awesome experience...

Getting Ready to Shoot the Iroquois
My Shot of the Final Hurdle in the Iroquois... The Winner,  #1 Tax Ruling

The Official Thomas Allen Pauly Iroquois Steeplechase Merchandise

A Happy Shopper

Signing my Iroquois Steeplechase Prints

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"peaceful Meadow" by L. Scepkova

"Peaceful Meadow" was created back in 2010, inspired by one lesson horse. Being used in regular lessons and in summer camp, this horse was ridden a lot. Nice horse for riding, kids love him, just sometimes making quite cranky face saying what he thinks about it. That`s why he is free in the field in my art piece. No rider, no tack, even no halter, simply ....his own time with no"you have to" commands. 
It is a smaller piece done in graphite pencil on paper.

Available for sale. Visit the website:

and contact the artist. Accepting Paypal payments . 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thomas Allen Pauly - Iroquois Steeplechase Official Artist


Work by award-winning artist to be offered at
Jockey Club party

NASHVILLE, TENN., - Award-winning and internationally-known equine artist
Thomas Allen Pauly has been chosen as the official artist of the 70th running of Nashville's Iroquois Steeplechase. Pauly will create a commissioned piece to be offered at the invitation-only Jockey Club auction on Friday, May 13 - the day before the races run on Saturday, May 14. Pauly's art will also be used in the design of various items such as t-shirts and prints that will be available for sale online and at the Steeplechase Boutique on race day.

In 2006, Churchill Downs selected Pauly as the Official Portrait Artist of the Kentucky Derby. His
portrait of the legendary horse, Barbaro, was featured as the Derby's Official Commemorative Print that same year.

"We are eager to see what Thomas creates for the 70th running of the Iroquois," said Libby Cheek, executive director for the Iroquois Steeplechase. "He has beautifully depicted some of the world's most
famous horses and jockeys."

An associate member of the internationally acclaimed American Academy of Equine Art, Pauly was recently invited to have his second solo art exhibit at this year's Kentucky Derby in Louisville, KY. Working primarily in oils and watercolors, Pauly's paintings are known for their accuracy, energy and celebration of achievement.

For additional information regarding Thomas Allen Pauly's equine art, please view his portfolio at

Thomas Allen Pauly's “The Steeplechase” is the 2011 Iroquois Steeplechase featured artwork. This beautiful piece of art will be auctioned May 14th at the 2011 Jockey Club party. For more information or to make a bid, please email

About the Iroquois Steeplechase
Held on the second Saturday of every May at Nashville's Percy Warner Park, the Iroquois Steeplechase is the premiere spring race in American steeplechasing and Music City's traditional rite of spring - typically attracting more than 25,000 spectators. Since being designated in 1981 as the official charity of the Iroquois Steeplechase, the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt has received more than $9 million from the event proceeds.

For information on advance ticket purchases, corporate and hospitality tents, and tailgating, please visit or call 1-866-207-2391.

Rainy Days - work in progress

Rainy Days - work in progress

Rainy Days will be my sixth work for the Arizona exhibition in August this year... upon completion
I love these black and white watercolours.. there so much fun to work on..

You have to look at the tones and shadows rather than rely on colour to tell the story.
I apologise for the grey colour of the background I had to photograph inside the studio due to the weather...

Rainy Days  will be 10" x 14" -upon completion

Thank you Karen L Davis for the use once again of one of your amazing photos for my artwork

Catherin McMillan

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Burrowed in the high country, Burro & Rider watercolor in progress by Debbie Flood


                   Burrowed in the high country progress 1 Medium Web view

I thought I would give you a look see, at what I am working on at the moment.

This Watercolor is Burrowed in the high Country. It is 14 x 20 inches and still in progress. I’m using 300lb Arches Watercolor paper.

Not much left to work on, tweaking and adding of small details here and there.

I’ll soon be ready for my Featured Artist Event, happening June 24th at the Angel Fire ArtSpace Gallery in Angel Fire New Mexico. I’ll have about 20-24 watercolors of Western and Equine Genre. I’ll be out there for a week, meeting people at the opening reception, then out and about to gather material for new works, and Gallery hopping! Can’t wait! Angel Fire, Taos, and Santa Fe…here I come!

Debbie Flood

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Trading Card Art by Kerry Nelson

"Nine Hearts Too" 2.5x3.5" ACEO/ATC oil painting

"Nine Hearts" 2.5x3.5" ACEO/ATC oil painting

"Spotted Donkey"  2.5x3.5" ACEO/ATC oil painting

"Spotted Donkey 2"  2.5x3.5" ACEO/ATC oil painting

These collectible miniature paintings can be found Here!

Where to find my work online;

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trainers in training - update

Trainers in Training update

Ive made a start on the mouldy railings the children are standing on.. finding it necessary to darken their cloths a little more to stand out against the rails.

Green is such a challenging colour to work with..

Trainers in Training is on target to meet my entry deadline for the upcoming Inglis exhibition entries... phew

Trainers in Training
14" x 21" unframed size upon completion

Catherin McMillan

phone: 02 4447 1513

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International Equine Artists: Dressage Horse Two, charcoal drawing by Carol Engl...

International Equine Artists: Dressage Horse Two, charcoal drawing by Carol Engl...: "I am happy to say that riders4helmets, who advocates helmet use by all riders - including dressage riders - will soon have t shirts for sale..."

Dressage Horse Two, charcoal drawing by Carol Engles, benefitting riders4helmets

I am happy to say that riders4helmets, who advocates helmet use by all riders - including dressage riders - will soon have t shirts for sale with my drawing "Dressage Horse Two." I wanted to show that you can still look elegant wearing an approved safety helmet. Sales of these t shirts and others will benefit this worthy cause. For more info contact: or me at Also, the original drawing is available for purchase. Contact me if you're interested. RIDE SMART, WEAR YOUR HELMET!

Equine Art of Thomas Allen Pauly Benefits Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF)

The Fine Art of Racing and The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) will feature
the artwork of nationally renowned equine artist Thomas Allen Pauly at the Night of Silk
Derby Party, a live auction benefiting The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF)
on the evening May 7 at the Galt House hotel in Louisville, Ky.

Mr. Pauly, who returns to Churchill Downs for his solo art exhibit during the 2011
Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks, has donated this exclusive offering of a
personalized 20" x 24" oil portrait featuring a horse, jockey, and trainer or racing silks of
the top bidder's choice.

"Being an avid supporter of the PDJF," Pauly says. "I was honored when Nancy LaSala,
PDJF's President, asked me to contribute to the live auction. Jockeys have always played
an important part of my equestrian artwork. The Blank Canvas is a very unique item; it
will give the top-bidder the opportunity to personalize their own canvas. Wouldn't it be
wonderful if the winner of The Blank Canvas is also the owner, jockey or trainer of this
year's Derby champion," Pauly noted. "I bet I know which horse they would have

The event follows the Kentucky Derby, which will take place earlier in the day.
Legendary jockeys, past and present, including the Kentucky Derby 137 participants, will
attend the Night of Silk event as a show of solidarity and support and to raise awareness
and assist in raising funds for the PDJF.

For more information about The Blank Canvas, please contact PDJF at 630-595-7660, or Thomas Allen Pauly at 773-208-7801,
To order tickets for the Night of Silk Derby Party visit
link or call 800-775-7777.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Trainers in training - work in progress

Trainers in Training - work in progress

Trainers in Training is currently a work in progress and is one of my entries for the Inglis Equine Art Prize here in Australia..

The theme for the exhibition is life on the stud farm... it seemed an appropriate image to paint of these 3 kids almost inspecting this young thoroughbred horse... assessing its prospects as a future winner.. and there becoming the industries future trainers..

Trainers in Training is a watercolour and  will be 14" x 21" unframed size upon completion.. I'm enjoying the complexity of the fabric folds in the kids shorts...

Catherin McMillan

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