Thursday, February 3, 2011

Horse puzzle challenge!

 Buy a 252 Piece Puzzle w/Box Gift by Donna Ridgway

How about a challenge?  Do you like doing puzzles?  Do you think you could place all those pieces of brown together to recreate these horses?

I call this "The Enforcer" because it's so typical of the way horses behave.  One horse is always above the other in the pecking order.  The bay in this photo, was picking on the other horse, teasing him unmercifully.  The sorrel finally decided he'd had enough, and he put the bay into his place in the herd!  Neither horse was hurt, this was just "horse play".  I was excited to catch this moment and offer it to you as a puzzle!

You can find other puzzles and gifts with my images on the same site.  Take some time to look around and enjoy the images I find in Montana, to present to you!
Donna Ridgway

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