Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Thomas Allen Pauly" Facebook Fan Page Winners

Thank you for joining the Thomas Allen Pauly Facebook Fan Page ...I decided to double my offer, I will be giving 2 signed art prints to 20 fans...The winners are: Catherin McMillian, Mary Montgomery, Barn Rat, Jaime Claire Corum, Patrick Coyne, Leslie Bonnette, Debbie Beye - Barwick, Joyce Canaday, Marcie Heacox, Christine Collins Wokojance, Maylan Studart, Laura Skamser, Tom Chapman, Jerry Daker, Victoria Colville, Judy Maass Gadwood, Lori Nieboer, R Kathy Oakhem Losch, Wendy French and Dee Young...Watch for more upcoming fan appreciation art prints...

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