Sunday, January 16, 2011

"NEW BORN" by Pat Schermerhorn

Thought I would add a new piece of mine. "New Born" 6x8 and pen and ink pointillism.
This little guy was less than a day old and born at a horse show in Minot, North Dakota a few years ago. He was the hit of the show.


  1. Hi Pat, nice to see your work,Last year I was asked to do a small seascape in pointilism, and let me tell you, I tried, and it is HARD, I did not try very long, decided to leave it to the pro's and stick with my brushes.
    Very nice job you have done....Marley

  2. thanks for the comment. It is not as hard as time consuming. I am anxious to see everyones work.

  3. Very nice work Pat, pointillism is tedious work. I like the way you arranged the work here. There's nothing like newborn foals!